Diet, micronutrition and biorythms

The food is and will remain “the first medication”.

Today the Cretan model is – a scientifically proven fact – the guide to a balanced diet that constitutes the basis on which the prevention can lean. This dietary model individualized thanks to systemic blood tests is of tenfold effectiveness.

It is supplemented by correcting micronutrients every time that a deficit of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids etc. is suspected or confirmed. This deficit is a consequence of several factors: modern life with its business, pollution, rhythm, competition … but above all  of the background, of the person’s imbalance, of his/her illness.

A special attention is paid while exploring the intestinal ecosystem and while prescribing personalized dosage of pro- and prebiotics. A dysbiosis or intestinal ecological disequilibrium  is probably the first perturbation of the body. The study and the correction of the microbiome paves the way for modern, highly individualised treatment of multiple diseases.

Attention is also paid to biorhythms i.e. the beat of a living organism through chronobiology and chrononutrition. The rhythms of day and night, of the seasons and the years support life and carry it as the strength of a current carries and reinforces the strength of a swimmer.

Unicist homeopathy

Every individual is unique. It is an unparalleled assembly of the same constituents common to all humans. This is this “cuisine” that forms the “personality”, the character of each person.

This is why what is the best for one person, is very hard for somebody else. We are used to talking about taste and colours. It is very fortunate as this gives every human being specific human potentialities that complement one another, just like different parts of a watch, which assembled, show us the time.

This unique individual, without a copy, only with similarities, can go out of tune. First it will show signs, later symptoms. At this point it will need tuning up.

Again signs, symptoms, discomfort, also often excess – Dr Masi showed that Divine attribute envied by men was at the heart of its disturbance – indicate a disequilibrium and require a therapeutic intervention. These symptoms are not pain to be healed but the expression of pain to be healed.

The cure chosen depending on “all the symptoms” characteristic for the patient, or the stage or experience he/she is trying to solve in his/her own way, is at the heart of homeopathy.

This similarity between the remedy and the patient will allow you to come to an agreement with yourself and this rebalancing will support all vital processes in the case of acute illnesses as well as the chronic ones.

It is incredibly fast.

When the equilibrium is present, there is a much greater adaptability, more simplicity, sociability, effectiveness, there this “oh, but of course” which emerges and the symptom disappears, or sometimes a better harmony is achieved with the symptom.


Words, “The Words to Say It” by Marie Cardinal, rather than pains…, the therapeutic relationship, sometimes are enough and anyway accompany every treatment.

Listening with respect and showing involvement in the therapeutic relationship are essential.

The capacity to reappropriate one’s emotions, desires, movements towards the object, and in juxtaposed time, to listen and to respect the other with his/her differences, is a sign of good mental health.

The 30 year long experience of intent caring during long consultations has allowed to develop psychotherapeutic tools adapted to every situation.

Dolto, a person of deep faith, accepting mystery, the incomprehensible part of human life, says that “every person gives birth to him/herself by his/her desire to live. If a subject desires to incarnate, he does so. Life and desire are one and the same thing. Parents are only the mediators of a desire to be born…” This is a way to leave guilt and power relations. The responsibility grows with reappropriation of the meaning.

Systemic biology

Aside from ordinary examination carried out by a physician in order to identify a disease as early as possible, there is a different biology which reflects the state of equilibrium of an individual taken as a whole.

By choosing parameters that reflect physiological mechanisms (and not “the signature” of an illness) and by correlating them in the shape of profiles having a common reference which is the 100%, a kind of skyline of the check-up, we can attempt to understand the state of equilibrium of the patient (so his/her cell equilibrium) and to develop very powerful check-ups in order to meet the patient at this point of his/her path of life where he/she is right now.
Thereby they indicate the path by allowing to find the lost main road and to prescribe a personalized treatment (immuno-modulation, neuro-modulation, dysbiosis treatment, dietary adjustments etc.) in order to reduce the state of disequilibrium.

Again the idea is to treat the cause of the illness, which stops as it is no longer fuelled by the disequilibrium that provoked it in the first place.

Even more so it is about true prevention, and a really individualised one.

There are many autoimmune disorders that occur in a generally depressed or suppressed immune state, which is the exact opposite of them. Thus it is easier to understand why immunosuppressive treatment sometimes works and sometimes does not.

I often compare, as I have said before, this approach, which also involves homeopathy and psychotherapy, to the work of a piano tuner. On a tuned piano a patient/client can better play his/her concerto. Everyone has a role to play in the healing process: the doctor is to restore its equilibrium and the patient is responsible for the way he/she is managing his/her life.

Natural Medicines

Phytotherapy can quite often replace medication.

Among its determining advantages there is its allopathic action which is much more harmonious and has no adverse effects.

This stems from the coexistence, in the same plant, of several constituents that act in harmony unlike the isolated chemical molecule of a medication.

There are different types of preparations from herbal tea to essential oils including Standardized Plant Extracts that combine in a still living totum different aspects of the plant.

Gemmotherapy uses buds and emerging shoots of plants that are deep stimulants revitalizing tired bodies.

Oligoelements are of great service to us with their more catalytic action.


The degenerative joint disease can find in mesotherapy a very good, non-aggressive way to preserve mobility so indispensable in life.