Health. It is about motivation.
An illness has an intelligence; if you succumb to it you can understand its meaning. Its main aim is to put you back on the way to health.

Conventional medicine and/or systemic medicine?

Conventional medicine and/or systemic medicine?
Opposition or complementarity?

The two approaches combine perfectly, alternately or simultaneously, each one is taken according to the needs, of course!

Used instead of or together with conventional medicine , systemic medecine which combines homeopathy, systemic modulation of biology as well as alternative, integrative approaches … is effective by operating differently and on a different level.

It treats the disorder that the illness represents.
Conventional allopathic (allo = opposite) medicine is trying to suppress symptoms by prescribing medication, or by surgery etc., whereas the systemic approach is interpreting the same symptoms as a sign of a defence, adaptation or warning mechanism and if they are not excessive, it respects them.

It goes towards adaptive reactions of the body in order to accompany them. It helps find again the path of health.
Medicine of illness has had some great achievements, especially in surgery, traumatology, emergency and intensive care, cancerology etc. Nowadays it is irreplaceable.

The two approaches complement each other admirably.

Restore a maximum of health capital

A human being has been living, developing and adapting itself for dozens of thousands of years with a surprising efficiency thus building a trajectory of life in God’s Creation.

For this reason the consultation is made on a clean, blank page without any bias, in order to receive words, images, experience and behaviours of the patient.

For the same reason the treatment will be as individualised as possible.

If you become unsettled, if you are no longer in harmony with yourself and your environment, or you get lost in life, a discomfort appears. This discomfort is the symptom which aims to bring you back to the lost path.

Most often each one of us solves the perturbation unconsciously alone.

If we don’t, a doctor can help us: either by simply accompanying us in a therapeutic relationship; or he will have to restore our out of order physiological mechanisms, in other words pathophysiological.

This may affect our whole being, physical as well as spiritual, but also mental and relational.

This is also the true meaning of prevention which takes place upstream before the appearance of the very early stage of the disease. The prevention aims at reducing the risk of a disease to its minimum i.e. 1.